HeadNorth Talent Solutions provides complete consulting solutions for organizations in their competency management process. We have built our unique model, which encompasses all the aspects of Competency Development Process. Our off-line solutions include

Re-crafting R&R Documents

The first step to a successful roll out of a Competency Assessment and Development process is to have a properly designed organization structure, with well defined Roles & Responsibilities (sometime also referred to as the Job Descriptions document). We help organizations to design and/or re-craft R&R documents, so as to reflect the actual roles and the enabling KRA (Key Result Areas) and KPI (Key Performance Indicies).
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Competency Profiling

The R&R document, is the fundamental element of organization design, in as much that it captures the roles, the accountabilities and the deliverables of the job. However, in order to ensure that an effective competency assessment is done for the position (i.e., the person manning the position), it is necessary to map the Key Result Areas to the Competencies that enable the achievement of those deliverables (KRAs). We work with organizations in creating the Competency Profiles Profiling the Position in terms of the Functional, Behavioural and Managerial Competencies.
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Competency Dictionary Preparation

How does one ensure that every one in the organization understands a particular competency in the same way as the others? What can be the basis on which the assessment of an individual done, so as to help him/her know the development path?
What can be a good way in which a structured knowledge management process can be built to enable the competency development process?
The answers to this and other questions is made possible, by creating a comprehensive competency dictionary. A document detailing the level descriptors of various identified competencies. Working with clients and external SME (Subject Matter Experts), we help create Competency Dictionaries which help in the complete assessment and development process.

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Design of Assessment & Development Center's

Factoring in organization time line requirements, coverage scope, assessment purpose, we help design the most effective and efficient ADC for organization. Our expertise lies in not only designing the assessment center's for the managerial & behavioural, but also functional and technical competencies. Our experience working with large client, across sectors, industries has helped us gain immense knowledge and understanding on the key elements that help in designing an appropriate ADC.

Development Road Mapping

Our CO-RAMP© or Competency Development Road Map is the outcome of an ADC. We have a unique methodology, called Vectorizing, which helps in creating, both an individual and organization level development road maps, which helps in prioritizing and judicious allocation of times and monies. The CO-RAMP helps not only in the process of identifying development areas in knowledge, but also with respect to skills. Reviewing, monitoring and successful closure of CO-RAMP, ensure individual and organizational growth.

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