Customized CMS

N-Compas can be customized for meeting the requirements of specific competency management process. The customized IT platform can be used for not only managing existing and future roll outs and in all the related aspects therein.

Organizations: Have you rolled out an Assessment and Development center, in the past? And are you faced with the following issues

  • Who are the employees who have been assessed?
  • What were the assessment methods used for each band of employees?
  • Who were the assessors and what was their feedback on the process?
  • How can I access all the individual reports at one place?
  • How can I monitor the individual development road-maps?
  • What initiatives have been taken in the process of development, and what has been their progress?
  • I had done an assessment before this, how do I now do a comparison of the results?
  • Can I have decision enabling dashboards from the assessment process?

A number of organizations do roll out assessment centers typically most (or all of it) done as an off-line process, and because of that they are faced with the above (and many more related) issues. We work with organizations to e-Enable their Competency Processes by customizing our N-Compas, and helping them gain the maximum leverage from their CADC.

Consultant: Are you consultant working with Organizations in helping them with their Competency Development process ?

How do plan and organize my assessment center, in a seamless way on a single platform ?
How can I connect with my other assessors to carry out the assessment process ?
Can I build In-Basket exercises based on the competency dictionary?
How can I initiate a customized 360 deg and incorporate those results into the development road map Where can I get some curated content on competency models, assessments, cases etc?
How can I provide for my client, better reports and insightful analytics?

The team at N-Compas, works with Individual Trainers, Consultants and Consulting firms to help customize its platform so as to help them roll out their competency development initiatives in a manner that vastly increases the efficiency and the value added to client systems.

Get in touch with us if you are either Organization wanting to leverage more on your CDAC roll out or a you are Consultant/Consulting firm wanting to add value to your client system.