N-Compas comes with a complete suite of IT features which help to manage the competency development process. The application helps seamlessly integrate with existing HR systems for all up-stream process to Competency development. It also provides features to create, manage, roll out, maintain history of all elements of the Competency assessment and development process. Be it a AC or DC, N-Compas is the most reliable, scalable and comprehensive solution.

Be it creating Role & Responsibilities document or importing the same from the existing HR systems, N-Compas has templates and processes to help achieve the same.

Also, N-Compas helps manage Organization Design from a competency perspective. What this means is that the roles and responsibilities can be mapped to the competency framework, be it managerial and/or technical, so as to create appropriate competency position profiles. Once a profile is created, the process of mapping the individual to the profile, assessing him/her against the profile and subsequent road mapping the development becomes a easy task.

A Competency Assessment & Development Center's fundamental strength lies in the exhaustiveness, relevance, and robustness of the assessment types and instruments. N-Compas, allows creating a focused assessment instruments along multiple categories MCQ, open-ended questions, cases, castle lets, in-basket exercises, and interview questions. What is more, in a set of select areas the portal comes with pre-loaded curated assessments.

Create position specific assessments mixing and matching the most appropriate methods of assessment, giving due weightages to those that ensure reliable assessment results.

Competency Framework

N-Compas helps organizations to create and manage all aspects of the pre-assessment process

Job Description & Profile

A templated methodology to capture JD and all the key elements therein

Competency Model

Create multi level Competency Model (covering functional, managerial & behavioural)

Competency Dictionary

Create, store, edit and enable access to competency dictionary for assessment & development

Competency Assessment

At the heart of the Competency management process is the assessment. Using N-Compas, you can create multiple assessment methods


Create Comprehensive Test repository based on competency and competency levels

Case lets/studies

Create or upload or link to case studies for assessment

In Basket/In Tray

Prepare and link In Tray exercises to assessment process


Provision to create, capture and store Behavioural Event Interview (BEI)

Behavioural Instruments

Link the behavioural and managerial competencies to the various validated behavioural instruments to help in the assessment process

360 Deg Feedback

Use the built in multi rater engine to create 90 or 180 or 360 Deg feedback based on the competency dictionary / elements.

Competency Development

As an organization investing significant amount of time and energy on the Assessment Process, benefits can only acrue when the development management post the assessment process is managed appropriately. N-Compas enables you consequence management of the post assessment process

Development Reports

Generate comprehensive assessment reports

Development Roadmaps

Develop, assign, review and monitor individual development road maps


Training Needs Analysis: Based on the assessment, the system will help identify detailed Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for the assessed group as whole.

The most comprehensively designed Competency Assessment & Management IT Tool.